The first time I was asked to moderate a debate, I realised I had found my calling. I studied Public Administration because I wanted to make the world a better place. However, it turned out I am too artistic for science, too anti-authoritarian for civil service and too deliberative for politics. But as a moderator, these flaws are my strengths. I honed my skills at the Netherlands Debate Institute, where I came away with a suitcase full of concepts, methods and tricks. More importantly, I learned to appreciate the value of systematic preparation.

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Before, I participated in the award winning Harvard Model UN team “United Netherlands” where I mastered debate and learned fluent English. For two years, I represented the Dutch youth council in the European Youthforum, learning European policy making from within. I was a candidate for the EP and worked as a teacher.

Beside my work as a moderator I work for a Foundation in Uganda that works to improve the lives of people in the Rwenzori region, o.a. by realizing a vocational school with a learning-by-doing concept for hospitality and agriculture.